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spamming my new puppy what up
i really want to get more stuff to listen to!
ive been listening to Bring Me The Horizon a lot and i'd really like to get introduced to more bands of that genre? (emo hair flip)
or something similar
i like screamo as long as the whole song isn't screamo, ya know? so you can share all the songs you know

if that's not the type of shit you listen to, you can show me what you like the most
i'm not rly picky and i love listening to a lot of stuff so share with me ur fave music pls
respond to this journal with either:
A) a bad doodle of your fursona dabbing
dab by gutsies
B) a bad doodle of your fursona making out with mine
25k Sparkledog2 by gutsies

and i will pick my faves and draw u a bad doodle of your fursona in return!!
have fun yall!
friendly reminder im real active on twitter
my potato's birthday is today,, and i cry bc we couldn't watch the lego batman together like i told him we would
i'm so sorry,, i cry so much
2 by gutsies

but i hope i can make it up you by telling you are the coolest dude i've ever met and i am super thankful you are my pal and regardless
 of anything we can still stick together i mean I KNOW,, im a scorpio and im a pain in the ass and you wanna strangle me 24/7 but
i love you so super much,, you are such a big part of my life,,,ugh
1 by gutsies

idk how i will ever put into words how much you mean to me without sounding like im coming onto you,, it's my cross to bear
but i hope you have a lovely day and ppl give u lots of good gifts,,  whatever happens always know i love you sm and
i dont ever want to let you go bc you're so sweet!! ugh,, and amazing and funny and you mean,, so much to me,,
happy birthday you wanker ass,, i love you
3 by gutsies

go wish :iconomen-classic: / :iconkennedyms: a very happy birthday ok
and if possible draw him lots of good stuff but dont mess up his ocs,, cuz he reports and blocks you
he is the one and only kennedy
no one else
no other oc
no other fursona
how about you stop telling artists their commissions are overpriced just because you can't afford it
saying you "hope they could be cheaper" is also fucking ridiculous and it blows my mind some of y'all still think this is somehow an acceptable thing to do
nobody's telling you to buy our art, no one is forcing you to,,
so how about you don't post your needless comments about how they're "so expensive!! can't afford!!"
bc frankly you only bring us down,, we're trying to make a living my dudes,, if you don't wanna buy/can't afford fine
but then don't comment some stupid shit trying to guilt trip us into underpricing our art,


fucking poses i have not done this shit 50 years bc im really uninteresting but there we go

1-full name: link, close friend or not, you call me link
2- zodiac sign: scorpio
3- fears: the thought of someone close to me dying constantly torments me lol
4- 3 things i love: videogames,, food,, toys
5- my best friend: idk?? my boyfriend,, and Omen-Classic OBVS
6- last song i listened to:  [link]
7- 4 turns ons:
- restoring property values
- hanging celery
- robin
8- 4 turn offs:
- let it grow but i'm screaming the lyrics
- Omen-Classic
-  when flies rub their shitty lil hands together like they're plotting something those tiny bastards
- anything that isn't robin
9- what colour underwear i’m wearing: grey like my will to live
10- how many tattoos/piercings i have: none, but i’ve been wanting a scorpio tattoo for a while now
11- the reason why i joined da: post my trash art
12- how i feel right now: i am pretty dang tired rn
13- something i really want: death
14- my current relationship status: taken
15- meaning behind my URL: because i have a lot of guts in facing the systematic patriarchy of our society
16- my favorite movie(s): Civil War,,, Trolls,, every disney movie tbh
17- my favorite songs(s):
:bulletpink:  [link]
:bulletpink: [link]
:bulletpink: [link]
:bulletpink: [link]

idk like 956543 more

18- my favorite band(s): Brain Tan, Miami Horror, Marina And The Diamonds, Mew, Studio Killers, The Neighborhood, Phoenix, BMTH, Two Door Cinema Club, Mother Mother,, etc
19- 3 things that upset me: everything
20- 3 things that make me happy:  my boyfriend, Omen-Classic, art
21- what i find attractive in other people: idk, i generally care for personality more than looks.
22- someone i miss: no one i'm free of emotional bonds
23- someone i love: boyfriend
24- my relationship with my parents: my dad sucks and we don't talk ever but my mom is great and i love her lots.
25- my favorite holiday: i like valentines day and christmas the most. because food and free affection.
26- my closest tumblr friend: P0SSUMS
27- someone from tumblr that i’d date: scarlett johansson
28- a confession: i dream of eating robin's ass
29- 3 things that annoy me easily:
1- ignore me and ill hate you
2- question my art and ill hate you
3- this face XD bc i'm a petty child
30- my favorite animals: DOG
31- my pets: a french bulldog and an oscar fish
32- one thing i’ve lied about: i love you too
33- something that’s currently worrying me: anxiety ? always?
34- an embarrassing moment: i stained my jeans with period blood at school once and it sucked
35- where i work: freelance artist idk
36- something that’s constantly on my mind: how will i piss on someone's day this time
37- 3 habits i have:
1- chew my lips and inner cheeks constantly due to anxiety
2- move my legs a lot, if you sit close to me you’re bound to get kicked.
3- annoy my dog
38- my future goals: finish college, get a job, travel, die
39-something i fantasize about: ass
40- my favorite stores: every store is my friend 
41- my favorite foods: i love cheese a lot,,
42- what i did yesterday: errans, drew gore and im ready for bed
43- something i’m talented at: drawing, annoying everyone
44- my idea of a perfect date: talk to me about the stock market or bourse exchange where stock brokers and traders can buy and/or sell stocks bonds, and other securities.
45- my celebrity crush: bucky barnes bc i forgot the actor's name
46- a photo of myself: 
tumblr inline n3ue9xA8gH1r3kbc8 by gutsies

47- my favorite blogs: idk, some art blogs i guess
48- number of kids i want: none
49- do i smoke/drink:nope i'm pure and untouched


Journal Entry: Mon Dec 26, 2016, 11:14 AM

feel free to give me ur discord bc im lonely and im trying to be more social lool
u can add me as well w/e works

looking for ppl to commission! (paypal)

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 12, 2016, 4:47 PM

i've gotten some extra cash and i rly wanna get some art of my fursona/my friend's fursona! they're doggos btw
Please let me know if you're open and post your examples!
pls post like thumbnail examples if possible, and i may or may not request gore, just a head's up

few things i'd like to mention,,

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 9, 2016, 7:56 PM

 I don't rly like to bring up stuff about me personally but since i haven't addressed this before i thought i should just make a journal, it's not biggie rly
just a bit of a request,,

I mainly would like to ask if you could pls not call me by my username? i mean i have my name on my profile and still i get constantly called pawbit/now gutsies and
not rly my name.
i don't like being called minty either, i know it stuck with the ppl who have known me for years since that was my original username but i really much prefer link, i feel more comfortable and well
it's my name,,
i may keep changing usernames and all but please call me link!

second of all is please if you have something to say to me that doesn't involve commissions, don't note me! it's more likely that i will reply if you comment on my profile
not rly a fan using notes for chit chat, and i don't rly chat in general,, so pls if you need to tell me something just comment, i always respond to my profile comments!

third and last thing is please if you could stop asking me why i draw gore it would mean a lot!! i will never explain why i draw the things i enjoy, i don't have to sit here and explain art to you,, i just don't roll that way,, i hate to give an explanation to my art and for ppl to analize it like it's something relevant
just take it as it is,,

grosstober list

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 30, 2016, 5:58 PM
TW: If violence, bodily fluids, or gore bother you, please do not scroll down!

 me and Omen-Classic made a grosstober/goretober list
grosstober listTW: If violence, bodily fluids, or gore bother you, please do not scroll down!
So, gutsies and I made a grosstober list!
You're free to use /reblog/repost it too. If you'd like to follow my (hopefully) daily gross/goretober uploads, you can follow my blog, just for the occasion, grosstober
(- Chances are, I won't be uploading most to DA)
Anyway, we tried to make our list interesting! Starts out slow and then slowly picks up speed.
1. Bruises
2. Stab Wounds
3. Slit Throat
4. Decapitation
5. Exposed Guts
6. Amputation
7. Suffocated/Hanged
8. Hacked to Bits
9. Parasitic/Bug Infestation
10. Pus/Infection
11. Tumors
12. Skinned
13. Road Kill
14. Eaten Alive/Served
15. Melting
16. Sewn Back Together
17. Vomit
18. Poisoned
19. Teeth
20. Dissection
21. Tortured
22. Malformation/Mutated
23. Electrocution
24. Frost Bite
25. Sacrificed
26. Burned Alive
27. Bloating/Putrefaction
28. Advanced Decay

def go check it out if you're interested!! it's slightly more graphic than the others on da but yknow, such is life

tumblr link!

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 11, 2015, 7:52 PM
i post some art i dont post here (mostly lucina my bae)
you can follow me here, im way more active:
i have a tag for it as well!

pokemon y/x friendcode

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 25, 2013, 7:46 PM
i made a journal instead because im dumb but anyway
comment with your friend code and i'll give ya mine
im usually up for anything but im shy about battles so i may refuse
i'm breeding zoruas so if you'd like one comment as well and we can trade

point commissions closed!

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 25, 2013, 6:28 PM
EDIT: i took more than 6 because i love you guys but (unless you're willing to wait a while for your commission, in which case then comment anyway) i think it's best i close them now
thank you so much i never got so many commisions in my life! next time i'll open more slots and i promise to open them more frequently